Дээд зэргийн чанартай соусаар бүтээгдэхүүнээ тансаг амтаар баяжуулаарай. Gourmet соус нь 30 төрлийн амттай бол Gourmet Gold соус 8 төрлийн сонголттой тул хүссэн амттан болон уух зүйлсээ чимэглэх, баялаг амт гаргах боломжтой.

A full range of sweet sauces, in over 30 different flavours, with great potential for customizing your fruit salads, parfaits and plated desserts in addition to café specialities. Superior in everything: in their flavour, in their quality raw materials and in the variety of recipes they can be used for. As soon as they come into contact with low temperatures, they become more viscous, which makes them perfect for decorating cakes, puddings, parfaits, cappuccinos, coffees and mousses. They come in soft bottles, with a non-drip membrane cap and a heat-sealed closure for greater hygiene, to be removed before use.